Rochester Solar Technologies has successfully installed hundreds of residential PV systems across New York. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of every home installation and stand behind them as we would any one of our multi-million dollar projects. Our highly skilled technicians, extensive commercial tooling and equipment, and relationships with large supply integrators combine to produce the best residential solar solutions available on the market.

Residential customers have three options when choosing to go solar.


On-grid is our most popular solution, offering property owners the best of both worlds—supplementary solar power while maintaining connection to a local utility.


For properties with just the right set of characteristics, our hybrid renewable energy solution might be the answer. Hybrid systems take the on-grid concept a step further by utilizing a second renewable energy source such as wind, hydro, or geothermal.


For properties that just don’t have another viable utility option, we offer the off-grid PV solar power solution. These systems are designed to be your property’s exclusive power supply plant.


We never had any reservations about our purchase. Overall, we have been very happy with the results. The installation was very clean with no surprises and the system functions as described in the proposal. RST Employees answered any and all of our questions. We like the fact that we can get daily email reports on system functions and output. It is the first thing we check every morning.
— Michael & Susan W., Hilton, NY
Rochester Solar Technologies was very professional. I like the idea of doing business with a team that does solar installations for a living. You won’t have any problems with these guys.
— Bruce T., Le Roy, NY
I cannot think of a better installer than Rochester Solar Technologies. Employees were efficient and professional. The predicted power generation was right on the money. The ability to draw power from the Sunny Boy inverter during power outages is a nice feature.
— Paul M., Victor, NY
The installers were precise, thorough and detail oriented. All non-panel equipment is safely installed in our basement. The panels are on our roof and are in perfect alignment as the installer was very particular and continued to make minute adjustments to meet his standards. Both the installer and project coordinator (Joe Clement), met with us on multiple occasions, answered questions, reviewed the system after installation and answered emails during and long after the job was completed. They also were accommodating to our two curious black Labs. An expert installation by certified electricians from a well established, local and respected contractor. I would not hesitate to recommend.
— Tim & Kim W., Canandaigua, NY
Best thing I have done in a long time. The staff was very professional. I did not get a high pressure sales pitch which I hate and would have walked away from. They stuck with the facts and answered all questions I had. They had anticipated a start date either late winter or early spring. With the mild fall I got a phone call that RST could start in December so I was able have the installation done before the very end of the year.

I am familiar with the quality workmanship from O’Connell Electric and the solar division lives up to that same quality. I did not shop around for this project to see if I could find better deal. I figured with the reputation of O’Connell for quality of workmanship and materials this is the firm I wanted to use because I am looking at this as a long term investment and want a trouble free instillation with components that will be durable and trouble free for years to come.

I have told many people about the project and highly recommend Rochester Solar Technologies. I have told Joe Clement that
Rochester Solar Technologies is more than welcome to have someone come out and see the system.
— Blaine Y., Kendall, NY